Road Trip to Cape Breton 2017

Road trip to Cape Breton with friends! A trip full of beautiful scenery, hiking, and lots of nature 🙂


A short 6 day road trip from Toronto to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

On the first day, we drove 14 hours from Toronto all the way to Moncton, New Brunswick, where we stayed in a house similar to the one featured in The Conjuring. The drive was full of music, car dancing, pee breaks, and snacking as we made our way through Montreal and Quebec and ending up in New Brunswick. This house we stayed in was full of sketchy looking staircases, photographs featuring people who looked like they were from the 1700s, and rooms filled with children’s’ paraphernalia that gave the entire house a slightly chilling feel to it. However, with the house located in a remote area, this allowed for us to experience the beauty of a star-filled sky. After some time of admiring the Milky Way, we made our way inside for a good night’s sleep.

The second day was spent exploring New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy, the city of Moncton, and driving to New Glasgow where we would spend the night. The trail we hiked was called Matthews Head Trail. This 2 hour trail had a hidden gem where it opened up to a spectacular view of the Bay of Fundy. We spent time relaxing, taking pictures and soaking in the scenery before us. After the hike, we enjoyed a late lunch in Moncton at the Tide and Boar Gastropub and walked around a little before making our way to New Glasgow for the night.

The third day was the first day we spent at Cape Breton. After a 4 hour drive from Moncton to Cape Breton with an ice cream stop along the way, we went on our first hike called MacIntosh Brook. This hike was a short, easy hike with a scenic waterfall at the end; a perfect introductory hike for us. Next, we went on the Skyline hike. This trail is well-known and is a spectacular hike to go on. It is at an easy level, overlooks the entire coast and provides an eagle’s view of the Cabot Trail. On our way to the skyline, we saw a mama moose with her baby! At first, we were all nervous as moose have been known to injure hikers, however, after taking notice of us, the mama slowly ushered her baby further into the brush and we continued on our way. It was a really cool experience of Mother Nature :). The Skyline was absolutely breathtaking. We ended up going around sunset, which provided a beautiful view of the sky with perfect weather surrounding us. The elevation was at about 1,330 ft resulting in a beautiful view of the entire coast. It was a really gorgeous hike that left all of us in awe. We ended the day with lots of pictures and admiration of the scenery around us and left for our hostel for that night.

Day 5 of Cape Breton, we ate brunch at the Rusty Anchor where I had delicious Nova Scotia lobster. Lobster is probably one of my favourite seafood dishes of all time. The Rusty Anchor is a popular spot in Cape Breton for seafood with a really quaint Nova Scotian setting and the option to be seated outside on the patio with an ocean view. After a filling lunch, we headed to Egypt Falls in Scotsville, Nova Scotia with a quick stop at a beach in the national park along the Cabot Trail. Apparently, the hike is a moderate hike that will take 15 minutes to see the waterfalls. That was definitely not the case. This hike was incredibly steep. The first half of the hike has a steep decline littered with tree roots and dirt. Once I got to the truly steep portion, I was terrified of falling off the ledges and breaking something. However, this hike was really worth it. Once we got to the bottom (after a lot of bum shuffling down on my part), the waterfall was breathtaking. Immediately, we took off our shoes and ran into the water to get closer to the waterfall. We spent a lot of time admiring the view and climbing the rocks and having a great time. The hike back up was exhausting. There was a rope provided to hikers for the sole purpose of hoisting oneself back up. The cardio was well-worth the view of the waterfalls. 🙂 We spent the night pampering ourselves with face masks and movies after a long day.

The 5th and 6th day of the trip was spent driving back to Toronto. We stopped outside of Montreal the 5th day and made a pit stop in Kingston, Ontario for donuts and thrift shopping on the 6th day. All in all, this road trip to Cape Breton was one full of beautiful scenery and crazy moments. A great way to end off summer vacation of 2017! 🙂

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